Overview Edit

Due to magical ability being influenced by a genetic component that is hereditary, multiple family lines are known to carry certain kinds of magic. Many of these can be tracked, as the lines carry specific types of magic. It is unknown how necromancy is carried over the generations due to it lacking a traceable magic type within the royal family.

Known Lines Edit

Kaekraian Royal Family Edit

The royal family is shown to be greatly diverse within their magics. However, two known members, Emelles and the unnamed Second-Born Princess who came before Irina posses some form of quantum magic. It is likely that this is carried as a trait due to them being only one generation apart. Due to the diversity within the family, however, it is likely that there are a wide range of genetic components which come into play, allowing for a larger number of options within one bloodline

Xroian Family Edit

Len's family and relatives are the only known-possessors of the ability to dampen magic. His grandfather, King Theer of Xro, is also shown to posses this ability.

Nadnian Royal Family Edit

As only one member of the royal family of Nadnia is shown to be able to slow and stop time, it is likely that this is the product of an extremely rare mutation, possibly carried down through the current leader's lines separately.