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Kaekra serves as the setting of Kopavus.

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Timeline / History of the location

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It is bordered by Nadnia, Xro, and Vell'dt, the latter two being separated from them by the Kree mountain range. It is also bordered by the Kyka sea.

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Kaekra covers a diverse and large area. It includes areas of plains, forest, and marsh as well as multiple rivers and mountain mines.

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Races Edit

Most Kaekraian people are Caucasian, with the largest minority being made of Indo-Aryans with Nadnian heritage.

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The official language of Kaekra is Carln, but Nadnian and Seznre (the olden language modern words are often based off of) are also used.

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Religions, practiced or shunned

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Crimes, penalties, and how they are enforced

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Kaekra chiefly exports metals.

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Food, water, housing, electricity

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Education system and education level of citizens

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